Walking You Through The Dilation And Evacuation Procedure

The Dilation And Evacuation Procedure

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The Dilation And Evacuation Procedure

 What is the Dilation and Evacuation Procedure

Abortions that are 16 weeks or more after your last period are usually performed with D&E. Your cervix will be prepared before a D&E abortion. This implies you could be prescribed medication to aid with the opening of your cervix. Before the treatment, your doctor may insert small dilator sticks called luminaria into the opening of your cervix for a day or a few hours.

The luminaria absorbs fluid from your body and grows in size, stretching your cervix open gradually. You will be given pain medication before the abortion to help with cramping. During the operation, our patients are always given a local anaesthetic and have the option of receiving additional Oral or Moderate Sedation. You’re awake but very calm with some types of sedation, while you’re entirely sleeping with other offers.

 Before Your D&E

Certain things need to be done before terminating your pregnancy. Some of the steps that you have to look at include the following:

  • look at your uterus
  • Put a speculum in your vaginal opening to check what’s going on.
  • Into or around your cervix, inject a numbing drug.
  • Using a succession of dilating rods, extend the entrance of your cervix.
  • implant a tiny tube into your uterus through your cervix
  • To delicately remove the pregnancy tissue from your uterus, utilize a combination of medical equipment and suction equipment.

During and After

You’ll rest in a recovery area with professional medical personnel until you feel good and are due to leave after your procedure. They have special tea, food, and assistance available. The time it takes for a D&E operation is usually around 10 and 20 minutes. Since you’ll need to have a check-up, review and sign documents, have your cervix cleaned, and remain in the recovery area afterwards, your visit will take longer. Are you considering birth control? While you’re in one of the clinics, you can acquire contraception via implantation, injection, or medication. After your abortion, most clinics can place an IUD in your uterus. Other than that, you can go home and get some rest. When strong enough, you can go for counselling or visit support groups near you.