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6 Early Pregnancy Signs Common in Most Women

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A lot of body changes happen when you get pregnant.  For some, it has to be throwing up, fatigue and constant nausea. On the other hand, others have to deal with weight gain and cravings.  There are so many signs that you can see when you get pregnant. Other than the obvious growing belly,  here are some of the early signs of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Signs

1) Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

This is one of those annoying things we all know about but never really want to talk about or admit about pregnancy. The morning sickness usually starts in your first trimester, right after conception. It begins as a queasy feeling in the stomach, followed by nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, dizziness, headache, diarrhoea, constipation, excessive hunger, weakness and tiredness. Some women experience milder symptoms such as heartburn, indigestion, bloating and gas. If these aren’t enough for you, there are ways to make yourself feel better. Most doctors recommend taking over-the-counter medications like Pepto Bismol®, Tums® and Zantac® during this time period.

2) Back Pain

Pregnant women often complain of back pain throughout their entire pregnancy. You may not even notice if you don’t pay attention to it. Usually, this discomfort goes away once you deliver your baby. However, sometimes the pain becomes more intense and lasts longer. In most cases, you will need epidural anaesthesia to relieve any pain you might be experiencing from labour. A good doctor will tell you just how much medication is needed before giving you the shot. Sometimes they give you small doses at a time until you reach the desired level of numbness. Once you receive the injection, you won’t feel anything!

3) Weight Gain

When you start getting pregnant, both mother and father go through rapid growth periods which results in increased size of everything, including your waistline. Since men’s bodies grow faster, expect them to put on pounds earlier compared to women. During this time, you should avoid gaining too much weight because it could cause problems later down the road. But remember, every woman gains weight differently depending on her lifestyle choices; therefore, do what makes you happy. If you are able to control your eating habits, then stick to a healthy diet plan while still enjoying food. Otherwise, allow yourself a little indulgence along the way without worrying about whether you gained extra fat grams.

4) Changes in Breasts

Your breasts will undergo dramatic changes during pregnancy. They become larger, rounder and fuller due to hormone levels going haywire inside your body. Expect your nipples to harden, stretch and turn darker. Also, your boobs tend to leak milk constantly especially towards the end of your pregnancy. Even though it doesn’t taste great, breastfeeding is always recommended for new mothers. Breastfeeding provides essential nutrients to your newborn child, making him/her stronger and healthier.

5) Pregnancy Vaginal Discharge

Another thing you should watch out for is vaginal discharge. Normally your vagina gets drier and dry during pregnancy. Many times, you don’t even realize that something is wrong unless it suddenly turns into a watery discharge. Don’t panic, it happens to everyone. Just treat it well by washing regularly with warm water mixed with soap. Be sure to use feminine hygiene products daily. If nothing helps, consult with your gynaecologist. He/she can help determine the source of infection.

6) Hair Growth Spurt:

While getting pregnant, your hair grows rapidly. By the second month, you will begin seeing thick strands sprouting everywhere. At around four months, your hair will transform into its natural colour – brownish-black. After delivery, your hair regresses and returns to its original length. If you would prefer having long hair, wait until after birth before cutting off your locks.