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8 Reasons to Choose Abortion before 12 Weeks

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If you’ve decided that abortion is the best option for you or your family, then don’t procrastinate. The earlier you get pregnant, the easier it’ll be to abort. Here are 8 reasons why you should consider choosing abortion before 12 weeks.

It’s Easy to Get Pregnant Early                                                                  abortion

The harder you try to avoid getting pregnant, the more likely you are to become pregnant early. If you wait until a later stage of pregnancy to have an abortion, there’s a good chance you will not be able to find someone who has access to an abortion clinic or clinic-like service in your area (or at least, if they do exist, their hours may be inconvenient). By contrast, if you choose to abort during the first trimester, you’re much less likely to encounter trouble finding an abortion provider and can often schedule abortions easily through a doctor’s office as well. That said, if you live in an area with limited abortion services, there may still be other options available to you. Talk to your healthcare provider about your situation if this poses an issue.

You Can Have Multiple Abortions over Time

If you decide to carry your pregnancy to term, you may regret your decision when it comes time to deliver your child. For example, if you had an abortion after 10 weeks, but then decided you wanted to keep your baby, you would have to give birth, which could result in labour complications or even lead to premature delivery. On the flip side, if you were fortunate enough to get an abortion before 13 weeks, you wouldn’t face these challenges, and you’d have multiple opportunities to end your pregnancy without having the stress of delivering a child. Even if you never want any children, it’s possible to terminate one pregnancy while carrying another, so you won’t ever run out of chances to abort.

There Are No Risks to Your Health

One reason some women go into postpartum depression is that they feel guilty about ending their newborn’s life. Many people believe that becoming depressed means that you “failed” as a mother by terminating a pregnancy. While it’s true that some women experience guilt or grief after an abortion, most people who make this choice simply feel relieved. Having an abortion doesn’t affect your ability to bond with your child or nurse him/her. Plus, the risk of death or permanent injury from a miscarriage is negligible, whereas there are significant risks associated with giving birth. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the following conditions are potentially fatal for an expectant mother:

There Are No Health Risks Associated With Early Termination

It’s important to understand that early termination does not harm your health. According to Planned Parenthood, “Early termination has no adverse effects on future pregnancies or any other aspect of a woman’s life.” They also noted that it doesn’t increase your chances of getting breast cancer later on either. Another thing worth noting is that women who abort early tend to feel better physically and emotionally afterwards. This makes sense because they haven’t had time to build up stress levels like those who terminate later.

An Early Termination Can Help Prevent Future Miscarriages

Many women who experience recurrent miscarriages find out about the link between certain infections and miscarriage after they have experienced several consecutive losses. If you know that you had an infection during a previous pregnancy, you may want to terminate the current pregnancy immediately.

Your body will thank you.

When you’re considering abortion, you probably want to make sure that your body feels good enough to keep going through the process. But did you know that your body benefits from getting rid of these extra calories? Between 6 and 11 weeks, your body produces high levels of progesterone which makes it harder for you to lose weight. By terminating at this time, you will no longer suffer from this problem.

You’ll Get More Choices and Control

As the pregnancy progresses, you’ll have less control over what happens to your baby. At 6 months, you can only choose between adoption and childbirth; at 9 months, you can choose either adoption or abortion; and from 10-12 months, you’re limited to having a medical procedure. By choosing abortion in the first trimester, however, you’ll always have the choice of childbirth if that’s what you want. And as long as you’ve made up your mind by this point, there will be no need to go through with invasive surgery.

It’ll Be Safer

Abortions after 12 weeks usually require two visits to a clinic and doctors may not know how far along you are when they operate. If you’re still in the early stages of pregnancy, you won’t even need anesthesia because most abortions happen without any sedation. On the other hand, some women experience severe cramping during late-term abortions, so it might be helpful to take painkillers beforehand.

The Bottom Line.

Having an abortion is never easy. But if it’s something you want, now is the time to decide whether you should proceed or find another solution. You’ll save yourself the trouble of going through labour and delivery if you decide to end your pregnancy sooner rather than later.